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More » Mc Donald Observatory offers a unique setting for teacher workshops: the Observatory and Visitors Center in the Davis Mountains of West Texas.

When the local paper ran the story, the comments from readers (all male, of course), ran along the usual: “Where can I see a picture of her? This is every teenage boy’s dream.”; “I think he’ll recover fairly quickly.”; “How much ‘therapy’ will it take to help this poor young man recover from the trauma? ”; “Where were these teachers when I was in high school? But when the roles are reversed, and a 34-year-old male teacher has a sexual relationship with one of his 17-year-old female students, let the howling for justice begin.

Children naturally recognize patterns within the context of their day, even though they may not identify or name them as patterns.

For example, during their typical routine, a child knows what comes next and may protest when something is amiss in the daily sequence (“No, a nap comes AFTER lunch”).

Use our new dynamic lesson plans to build engaging classroom lessons and activities using the many audio and video resources from Star Date Online.

More » Hands-on activities encourage children to explore astronomy concepts in a way that is fun, yet meaningful, and to broaden their awareness of astronomy as they develop and apply new skills in other subject areas.

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Teachers, parents, scout leaders, and others may copy and distribute these materials for classroom instruction or related educational purposes.

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