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The Bicycle Institute, SA will take over all of the site's operations from next month and…A lorry driver mowed down a cyclist then drove off as she lay dying to finish a delivery, a court heard today.The cyclist can be seen wrestling through the closed barriers at North Sheen in West London.He then stops in his tracks as a train zooms past him but amazingly throws his arms up in the air in anger at not being able to cross in time.

As he did so, Ms Tadaj remained alongside in the cycle lane.'Their relative speed meant that she was in fact going a little faster, and moved in front of the lorry to a distance of about two metres.'Ms Tadaj had been in a cycle lane, which came to an end.

The 52-year-old was accused of ambushing the mayor as he rode up Leith Hill in Surrey – the highest point of the race – by Mr Johnson in his Daily Telegraph column, published today.

But Mr Carter, who rides for the VC Norwich club told the Evening Standard: ‘I was only trying to help him on, he was really in trouble and looked very sickly. ‘Hell would have to freeze over before I voted for him (Mr Johnson) but fair play to him… I was giving him a bit of abuse and I think he thought I called him “a fat b******” but I didn’t.

Darren Anderton, 49, collided with cafe worker Magda Tadaj, 25, and dragged her along the road for around 45ft, the jury were told.

Anderton got out of the black Scania lorry and saw her lying in the road, but left after paramedics arrived eight minutes later, the Old Bailey was told.

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But Anderton failed to give her enough room to join the main road, and hit her with the side of his lorry, it is alleged.

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