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We had a cinema in the basement and I had to change the reels when the old reel had finished, not that anyone was watching the films, the cinema was bursting most nights and among the punters were many good looking guys, occasionally I would get off with one myself , I would even lock the shop up for 10 mins while I went in the toilet behind the counter !We were regularly raided by the police, on one occasion they turned up and cleared all the punters out and promptly picked up the TV on the counter and threw it on the floor, they would taunt the customers calling them perverts, occasionally I would bump into the same coppers at The Subway while they were raiding the club.It was a traditional pub with a pool room, disco room and an outside bar and garden.

I chanced on the Stradivarius website and was glued to some of the reminiscences, particularly the Soho Cinema scene. Where you can find horny women looking for discreet affairs and local sex.We have more then 100.000 female members who are looking for free sex with locals.You can christian chat with many people from all over the world, internationally.The chat rooms are populated mainly by people in Australia, The United Kingdom, Canada and The United States, but all countries and nationalities are more than welcome to chat.

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Working in the Colt was an exciting time, yes it was sleazy with the basement, but it was also a place to meet and chat with friends, most evening there would be a small crowd of guys mostly young customers that I had become acquainted with, we would wait till 10pm and close the shop and then go to one of the many venues that may have been opended that night, Bangs being a favorite.

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