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We worked together on business problems, identified key priorities and challenges for the coming year, and came up with some fantastic strategies and plans. And then we tried something new “speed mentoring.” As a caveat, this is a group that has worked together at various levels.Some of us have deeper relationships and have had developmental discussion before, some were just getting to know one another.Research the mentors in advance Speed mentoring events will usually have a theme or topic such as: getting your business online, how to run a food business, making and designing, publishing online, exporting, inventions advice, marketing, intellectual property, etc. Some of the mentors you may be familiar with, others not so much.You will probably have signed up based on the theme that most suits your needs. Do a quick Google search on each of the mentors and make a note on their background, past experience and area of expertise.

Maybe another has had to overcome a problem like the one you are having.We set up small tables around the room, and each of the leaders manned a station and the mentees flowed through spending 10 minutes at each station.podcast and answered ten questions on singleness and dating.You can also make new connections that will be invaluable for your business’s future.Here are our top tips for making the most out of your speed mentoring experience: 1.

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Informal meetings in this phase will not count towards your two official meetings required for every 12-months of current experience, see Phase 4: Make Progress.

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