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XChat is an IRC chat program for both Linux and Windows. XChat for Windows users are advised to upgrade to 2.8.7c due to a security issue.It allows you to join multiple IRC channels (chat rooms) at the same time, talk publicly, private one-on-one conversations etc. This affects people browsing the web with Internet Explorer while XChat is running.The wife expects respect and to some extent reciprocity in a more arranged marriage, but not necessarily love.Most love-based marriages break some taboos, marrying outside your class, ethnic group, or religion.If you divorce, in a culture where employment rates of women are very low, if your family of origin doesn’t take you back, you’re in a really dire situation. On the one hand, they want love-based marriages, but they still haven’t given up on traditional norms about women’s behavior. JA: In the Quran, male homosexuality is a punishable sin but female homosexuality is not mentioned.

Elite men routinely kept boy concubines in their residences, for example.Iran’s women’s soccer team might not be a women’s team at all.According to Mojtabi Sharifi, an official close to the Iranian women's league, eight of the members of the team are actually men awaiting sex changes.Some of these websites, though legal, offer what they call "sound advice," or tutorials, on ways to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, along with detailed guides.These chat room administrators avoid trouble by simply offering guidance, as well as tips on how to be cautious and not allow others (generally men) to take advantage of you.

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