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There’s a DJ playing music at what feels like a p.m. After the emotional climax and the dance and more personal anecdotes about how he turned failure into confidence, Hussey cues up a video. A few seconds in and I realize it’s a commercial for his week-long retreat on—you got it—core confidence, which he’s touted as the secret to attracting basically everything good in life all day without ever really telling us how to achieve it. The video ends and Hussey goes into sales pitch mode. One 40-year-old woman got married and had a baby after doing it, which is the modern woman’s Cinderella story.

volume to my Saturday morning ears, and the event staff, clad in pink Hussey Ts, are dancing in the kind of “Where my girls at? He urges us to let go of whatever or whoever is holding us back, because “this is our year.” An emotional soundtrack plays—I can’t pick out the music but I know I’ve heard it before. He even shows us a picture of her and her husband and children to prove it.

On the other hand, there are a few adjustments you need to make to meet women online.

Derek Cajun collected all of these experiences into his ultimate “how-to” guide for meeting women online, called The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating.

These ladies seem , as if they’ve been working back-to-back double shifts for weeks. Hussey breaks down the four components of attraction, an hour or two of patter that could be summed up in the following directions: carry yourself with confidence; be fun; be flirty; be “feminine.” He offers some examples of “feminine” chat-up lines. And by the joyful expressions on the faces of the tired women around me, I think they’re feeling the same thing.

That exhaustion may account for the carb-loading—the sandwich-snarfing and cheese-and-cracker eating—that I see all around me. Noonish: Hussey appears to a hooting standing ovation. Hussey talks about how most women don’t want to wind up with the nice guy or the “sexy dick,” but rather a hybrid of both, which he defines as a “good man with an edge.” He doesn’t go into too much detail about who that guy is and where he hangs out or how to spot him in a crowd of “sexy dicks,” but in a way he doesn’t need to. The greatest compliment a man can receive, according to Hussey, and a veritable jockey-remover, is: “I feel so safe with you.” Another: “I love how masculine you are.” “This shit works,” he proclaims with curiously personal conviction. Almost 5: My attention is waning, but Hussey is just getting into the nitty-gritty of his program.

“You look really spontaneous.”A couple of years ago, I was casually browsing the magazine rack at Barnes & Noble when a strange guy sidled up next to me. But thanks to the ubiquity of Facebook and Twitter, combined with the mainstreaming of online dating sites, there's now a new genre of online pickup artistry.

Strauss's book focused on the "art" of real-life pickups.

He has been a featured expert in top UK and international media: such as the Independent, Cosmopolitan, FHM, Men's Health,, The Sun amongst many more.

If you've ever felt too shy to flirt, then fear no more.

Flirtologist Jean Smith has given us her best advice on how to bag yourself a beau in know time.

To make a long story short, Derek Cajun spent a full year testing and tweaking the Love Systems approach online.

If anything, the Love Systems methodology worked even better online than in-person.

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