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Tanqueer Hussain (left), 23, from Keighley was jailed for 13 years and received a five year consecutive sentence for the rape of a second underage victim.Bilal Ziarab (right), 21, from Bradford, was jailed for 12 years Last year a gang of 12 Asian paedophiles from the area were jailed for 143 years after they passed a 13-year-old girl around for sex, with men queuing up to rape her.At the moment, if the child refuses to give evidence then the case doesn't come to court,' she told the Keighley News.'One of the biggest problems is that these children don't see themselves as victims.They'll say that these men are their "boyfriends', even when these are much older, married men'.Click here to view accompanying text transcript to this video (PDF 10kb) It forms part of the ongoing West Yorkshire Police campaign entitled 'Know the Signs' which highlights the various indicators of the crime.The Force has worked in partnership with local charity (Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation) Pace to record their experiences and raise awareness of the issues. PDF (13kb) Child Sexual Exploitation - Know The Signs - The Campaign Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a type of child sexual abuse.There are three main types of CSE - Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) can also take place over the internet for advice on how to remain safe online read on information page Know the Signs Even something that seems like normal teenage behaviour could be a sign that a child is being sexually exploited.Some of the visible signs include: If you have any concerns that a child you know may be a victim of Child Sexual Exploitation report it to West Yorkshire Police by calling 101 or you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Local child safety campaigner Angela Sinfield has said the 'number is too high' and believes it is probably far higher because many victims do not come forward.'It should not be down to that child having to make the complaint.Your next date in Keighley could be online right now, waiting to hear from someone just like specifically designed for singles from Keighley and across the UK, looking for more from an online dating website in Keighley.AWB Charlesworth Solicitors aim to make life easier for you.Our team will provide you with expert legal advice for your personal life and your business presented clearly and efficiently.

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David's Story Click here to view the youtube video. Transcript for David's Story video Emma's Story Click here to view the youtube video.

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