Why bother with online dating

if you're trying to date, don't rely ONLY on online dating.

i believe it was on here a couple of months ago that i read something to the effect that online dating has made women more selective because of the scale being drastically tipped in their favor (probably 5:1 ration of guys to girls)...

It seems like most guys who use online dating will never get a date, even if they message 1000 different girls.

When the same things keep happening to someone then it's about them, and what they put into their lives. Good and decent men are in demand and an unimaginative approach isn't going to seperate you from the rest. You only need to find one person that's right for you. Finding the right person is difficult, which is why we value that find so much when it comes our way. You may need to select different types of guys to have a conversation with. Blaming failures/troubles on 'the world' or 'everyone else is stupid' isn't going to get you any further ahead. Btw, I'm a complete ***hole and NO woman should come anywhere near me for any reason.online dating can be irritating and frustrating at times,its life,you just weed out the good from the bad,try to take it with a grain of salt :) u know the saying there is someone out there for everyone :) and while u wait for that one u make friends along the way:)This should be a great place to meet someone.

Sigh - I have found myself asking that questing a time or two. If you're meeting the same types of guys over and over again, then something needs to change. You can't change the world, so do something differently. But I come to realize the guys on here are either not ready, not truthful, players, defiantly not trustworthy. I remember when I first considered signing up for a dating site.

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I think most of us on these dating sites are having a problem finding a mate.

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